Full and Partial Dentures

Full Dentures are flesh coloured plates with a complete set of teeth that fit over your gums. For your upper teeth, the Denture is moulded to the roof of your mouth, while the lower Denture is shaped like a horseshoe around your teeth.
Partial Dentures are plates that have one or more teeth attached, replacing missing teeth for either functional or aesthetic reasons.

Oral Examinations and Consultations

We offer an initial no obligation consultation at our Geelong clinic to discuss your current requirements and the process for achieving your dream smile.

Cleaning and Polishing of Dentures

Much like your natural teeth, your Dentures also need upkeep as well. At Kardinia Denture Clinic, we assist in helping you maintain your Dentures and keep your smile looking great.

When you should see a Dental Prosthetist

  • If your Dentures have become loose and you are having difficulty retaining them.
  • If you are experiencing pain when wearing your Dentures.
  • If any of the teeth on your Dentures have become worn.
  • If any of the teeth on your Dentures have broken off or the denture itself needs repairs.
  • If it’s been 2 years or more since you had your dentures professionally checked. Over time it’s natural for some bone and tissue resorption to occur. We recommend you have a regular check-up of your mouth and Dentures every 2 years to ensure that you have good oral health and your Dentures remain well fitting.

Denture Repairs

We offer general and emergency Denture Repair in Geelong. Please call (03) 52458400 if you believe you need an immediate repair.


An initial no obligation free consultation with Robert in which you are provided with an assessment of your current condition, suggested treatment options.

  • Oral examinations and consultation
  • Full dentures
  • Partial metal dentures
  • Implant retained and supported dentures
  • Sports Mouthguards
  • Repair of broken dentures
  • Relining and remodelling of loose dentures
  • Cleaning and polishing of dentures
  • Placement of name in dentures
  • Soft liners
  • No referral necessary
  • Robert also treats patients under the
    Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)
  • Preferred Medibank provider

When should you see a Dental Prosthetist?

If your dentures have become loose and you are having difficulty retaining them..If you are experiencing pain when wearing your dentures..If any of the teeth on your dentures have become worn.

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Why wear a mouthguard?

Anyone who participates in a sport that carries a risk of a knock to the face should wear a mouthguard. This includes sports where contact is part of the game like football, boxing and rugby,

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Why you need a mouthguard?

A mouthguard helps absorb the shock experienced by a blow to the face that might otherwise result in an injury to the mouth or jaw.heavy, collision can result in chipped or broken teeth, internal damage

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