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Kardinia Denture Clinic Geelong

Based in Highton Geelong, Kardinia Denture Clinic specialises in Dentures and Mouthguards for locals of the Geelong region. As a member of the Australian Dental Prosthetists Association, you can be assured you’re being provided with the best in dental care, prided on excellence and quality.

Kardinia Denture Clinic has an onsite laboratory, which means your Dentures are made by the team who know you and your preferences best.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are currently offering Telehealth first consultations via zoom video conferencing. Call 5245 8400 to arrange your consultation

Robert Clark

Dental Prosthetist Robert Clark has over 30 years’ experience in dentistry and is specifically trained in the design, construction, fitting, and the adjustment of complete and partial Dentures. Robert is passionate about the individual needs of each patient and understands every set of Dentures is unique in size, colour and spacing.

Robert offers no obligation consultations where you can discuss the process on how to achieve your dream smile. If for medical reasons you are unable to attend the Kardinia Denture Clinic in Highton, Robert also offers home, hospital, and nursing homes visits throughout Geelong.

If it has been 2 or more years since you’ve had your Dentures professionally checked, we recommend visiting the clinic as it is natural for some bone and tissue resorption to occur overtime.



When should you see a Dental Prosthetist?

If your dentures have become loose and you are having difficulty retaining them..If you are experiencing pain when wearing your dentures..If any of the teeth on your dentures have become worn.

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Why wear a mouthguard?

Anyone who participates in a sport that carries a risk of a knock to the face should wear a mouthguard. This includes sports where contact is part of the game like football, boxing and rugby,

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Why you need a mouthguard?

A mouthguard helps absorb the shock experienced by a blow to the face that might otherwise result in an injury to the mouth or jaw.heavy, collision can result in chipped or broken teeth, internal damage

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